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Proposal Information Quick Reference

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Authorizing Official for the University of Arizona
Kimberly Andrews Espy, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President for Research

University of Arizona
P.O. Box 210158, Rm 510
Tucson AZ 85721-0158

Administrative Official/Fiscal Officer
Sherry L. Esham, Director
Sponsored Projects Services
University of Arizona
P.O. Box 210158, Rm 510
Tucson AZ 85721-0158

Express Mailing Address:
888 N Euclid Room 510
Tucson AZ 85719

Phone: (520) 626-6000
Fax: (520) 626-4137

Applicant/Applicant Organization:    

Arizona Board of Regents, University of Arizona

Checks should be made payable to


U. S. Mail Payment Address:
University of Arizona
Sponsored Projects Services/Bursar Office
1303 E. University Blvd, Box 3
Tucson AZ 85719-0521

Express Payment Address:
University of Arizona
Sponsored Projects Services/Bursar
888 N Euclid Room 104
Tucson AZ 85719


Form 1411 Contract Administration Office:  
(NASA and DOD)

Office of Naval Research
San Diego Regional Office
140 Sylvester Rd, Bldg 140, Rm 218
San Diego CA 92106-3521
Telephone: (619) 221-5490

Cognizant Audit Agency:

DHHS Audit Agency
Regional Inspector General for Audit
50 United Nations Plaza, Room 171
San Francisco CA 94102
Telephone: (415) 437-8360

DHHS Rate Agreement Date: 04/30/14

Employer Identification Number (EIN): 742652689

DUNS #: 806345617

Commercial And Government Entity (CAGE): 0LJH3

Contractor Establishment Code: 04-201-7848

SIC Code: 8221

Office of Postsecondary Education Number (OPE):  00108300

NAICS Code: 611310


State Legislative District: Twenty-Seventh House of Representatives Congressional District: Third (eff. 1/1/13)

Entity Identification Number (PHS) - ALL Applications: 1742652689A1

Tax Exempt Status of the University:
Exempt from income tax under Section 115 of the Internal Revenue Code
State Tax License #: 20221243

Type of Organization:
The University of Arizona is a land-grant STATE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION; Law passed 1862; established in 1885

Animal Assurance Compliance:
A3248-01 Effective 9/19/2011 - 08/31/2015
Human Subjects Assurance:
FWA00004218 Expires 08/05/2016
IRB Code 01NR

Scientific Misconduct Policy Assurance
Annual Research Misconduct report filed: 03/13/2009
ORI Certification Expires: 04/30/2010

National Science Foundation (NSF) Organizational Code:
Main Campus 00-1083-5000

FICE Code:   00-1083

State Clearing House:  
Effective 11/1/99 Box 16 of the SF424 should be marked "No" - "Program is not covered by E. O. 12372"

Supplemental Compensation Rate:
NSF – 2/9’s of the academic year salary
General University Policy – 3/9’s of the academic year salary

Indirect Cost Rates

Effective Period Rate Project Type Location
07/01/13 through 06/30/14 51.5% Organized Research On Campus
07/01/14 through 6/30/15 52.5% Organized Research On Campus
07/01/15 through 06/30/16 53.0% Organized Research On Campus
07/01/16 through 06/30/18 53.5% Organized Research On Campus
07/01/13 through 06/30/18 26.0% Organized Research Off Campus
07/01/13 through 06/30/14 51.5% Instruction On Campus
07/01/14 through 06/30/18 50.0% Instruction On Campus
07/01/2013 through 06/30/18 26.0% Instruction Off Campus
07/01/13 through 06/30/14 51.5% Other Sponsored Activity On Campus
07/01/14 through 06/30/18 47.0% Other Sponsored Activity On Campus
07/01/13 through 06/30/18 26.0% Other Sponsored Activity Off Campus

For periods after 06/30/18, use same rates and conditions as those cited for fiscal year ending June 30, 2018, until the rate agreement is amended. 

The Clinical Trial rate is 25% Total Direct Costs (TDC). Work must meet the UA definition of a clinical trial in order to use this rate. See the PI Handbook for additional information.

Definition of Off-Campus

The off-campus rate is applicable to those projects that are conducted in facilities not owned or leased by the University.  However, if the project is conducted in leased space and lease costs are directly charged to the project, then the off-campus rate must be used.  A project is considered off-campus if more than 50% of its salaries and wages are incurred at an off-campus facility.  If a project is determined to be off-campus, it shall be considered wholly off-campus. Separate on and off-campus rates will not be used for a single project.

Fringe Benefit Rates:

ERE RATES 7/1/14 - 6/30/15
Appointed & Faculty-Regular 28.6%
Faculty-Clinical 16.1%
Faculty-Ancillary 28.1%
Classified-Regular 47.8%
Classified-Temporary     11.2%
Student Employees 2.1%
Graduate Assistants* 63.3%
Federal Employees 27.2%

*The Graduate Assistant Rate is broken down into two components:  13.3% fringe and 50.0% tuition remission.  Prepare proposal budgets excluding the 50.0% amount from F&A costs.  This applies to MTDC bases only.  Budgets with TDC or other bases will reflect F&A charged on all total direct costs, including tuition remission. 

See Rate Agreement for more detailed information. The rate agreement date changes every year before the beginning of the fiscal year (July 1) when the fringe benefit rates are negotiated.


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Sponsored Projects Services is a unit of the
Office of the Senior Vice President for Research

Mailing Address:
PO Box 210158, Rm 510
Tucson, AZ 85721-0158

Express Mail Address:
888 N. Euclid Ave, Rm 510
Tucson, AZ 85719

Phone: (520) 626-6000
Proposal Fax: (520) 626-4130
Post Award Fax: (520) 626-4137

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