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Application of the Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will Sponsored Projects begin enforcing the policy?

We will enforce the policy effective immediately.

2. How will the policy be enforced? If I send my proposal without observing the 3-day deadline, will this mean my proposal will not be submitted?

Proposals submitted (in final form) within the 3-day deadline will be prioritized over those that do not meet the deadline.

Sponsored Projects will not guarantee on-time submission for any proposal submitted after the 3-day deadline.

3. The tone of the policy seems geared toward NIH applications. Doesn't this penalize other submissions?

Proposal deadlines impact many different sponsors (federal, state, other) at the same time. Because these overlaps occur so often, it's important for us to level the submission field so that all proposals receive proper attention from a proposal reviewer at Sponsored Projects. A given deadline may have NIH, NSF, State of Arizona, and USDA proposals coming through our office. If anyone proposal requires extra attention, it has a negative impact on all other submissions we receive on the same day. The 3-day deadline for all proposals allows us to prioritize our workload effectively and work with individual faculty and departments to ensure timely submission.