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SF424 R&R Form Set Instructions - General

This is a very brief version of the instructions for a typical submission (non-NIH sponsor).


  • Yellow fields are required, even if the response is 0.00 or N/A. White Fields may be required, depending on the sponsor/application type     
  • Ensure that all attachments are in the proper format. Some sponsors require PDF files.
  • Files must meet page limit, margin, and font guidelines specified by your sponsor. Those guidelines are not covered here. Sponsored Projects will not check your files for these items.
  • Download the Adobe software and the Application Package using internet browser.
  • Create and finalize your budget with spreadsheet software (like Excel) prior to entering it into the R&R Budget. The R&R budget has limited calculation ability. You'll save your sanity using a spreadsheet first! The SPS SF424 R&R template excel spreadsheet is available HERE.

Grant Application Package – First Page

UA Routing Process

Mandatory Documents
SF 424 (R&R)
Research & Related Senior/Key Person Profile (Expanded)
Research & Related Other Project Information
Research & Related Project/Performance Site Locations(s)

Optional Documents
Research & Related Budget
R&R Subaward Budget Attachment(s) Form

Grant Application Package – First Page

The “Application Filing Name” is returned with confirmation emails so that SPS and the PI can identify the proposal. We recommend using the PI’s name and a portion of the title. 

Mandatory Documents must be complete prior to submission.  You can work on the forms one at a time, in any order, with one exception:  Fill in the Institutional/Applicant information, PI name/profile information, and start & end dates before you proceed to another form.  These can be edited later.  You cannot enter the start date, begin work on the budget, then change the start date. This is a locked field. Be certain of the start & end dates prior to entering the budget.

Optional Documents may not be required, depending on the application type.  However, if you intend to submit an Optional Document, all required fields must be completed.  If you enter some information into an Optional Document, but decide against completing it, you must delete the entered information prior to submission. 

Mandatory and Optional Documents that will be submitted must be moved to the right side of the page (using the arrows) prior to submission.  You can edit the forms at any time prior to submission. 

UA Routing Process

You may route your Proposal via UAccess Research that includes an Abstract, Budget, and Budget Justification in advance of completing the application package. 

The UA routing process must be completed prior to submission of the application. 

Forward (e-mail, CD, jump drive) the complete .xfdl file (the application package) to Sponsored Projects when you are ready to submit (email:  A Sponsored Project staff member will contact the PI or administrative contact once they have begun review, to verify that the proposal is ready for submission. 

Sponsored Projects will review the application package for required items and common errors, and will work with the PI/PI’s staff to correct any items that might prevent error-free submission. Click HERE to view what SPS staff will/will not review for in your Adobe file.

Sponsored Projects will transmit the application package via the portal, and will send copies of all confirmation emails to the PI and business contact.

SF 424 (R&R) Cover Page


Type of Submission

Select “Application” unless this is a Correction from a previous submission.


Date Submitted / Applicant Identifier

Leave Blank


Date Received by State / State Application Identifier

Leave Blank


Federal Identifier

Leave Blank, unless the Type of Submission is “Changed/Corrected,”  then enter the confirmation number from the previous submission.


Applicant Information

Address information for the University of Arizona.  The address and DUNS number are on the Quick Reference.  For the “person to be contacted” enter Sherry Esham’s information.


Employer Identification

74-2652689, also found in the Quick Reference.


Type of Applicant

H:  Public/State Controlled Institution of Higher Ed


Type of Application

Select "New" if this application is being submitted to an agency for the first time.

Select "Resubmission" if this application was previously submitted, but not funded, and is being resubmitted for new consideration.

Select "Renewal" if this application is a competing renewal.


Name of Federal Agency



Application submitted to other agencies?

Enter the names of the other agencies if the answer is “yes”


Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Number / Title

If these fields are blank, leave them blank.  They will pre-fill only in some cases. 


Descriptive Title

Enter the title of the project


Areas Affected by the Project

Enter the cities, counties, states, countries affected by the proposed project


Start / Ending Date

Enter the start & end date of the project.  These can be edited later, if necessary.


Congressional Districts

Applicant:  AZ-003



Project:  Enter the legislative districts where the project will take place.  Visit to locate legislative districts. 

For outside the US, enter 00-000
For the entire US, enter US-ALL
For an entire state, enter the state abbreviation, then “All”, i.e., CA-ALL
Page 2 of the SF424 R&R has a place to upload a PDF file if you have a long list of districts.


Proj Dir/PI

Enter the PI’s name & contact information. 


Estimated Project Funding

  1. Total project funding (the amount you are requesting from the sponsor
  2. Total Fed & Non-Fed Funds:  the total requested from the sponsor, plus cost sharing
  3. Estimated Program Income

These items do not import from the budget.


EO 12372 Process

Select NO (either answer will suffice)


I agree

This box must be checked prior to submission


Authorized Representative

Enter the information for Dr. Leslie Tolbert (see the Quick Reference)



Attach the file if a pre-proposal existed for this application.


List of Additional Congressional Districts

Attach a file listing congressional districts if you need more space than provided in section 14.

Research & Related Senior/Key Person Profile (Expanded)

The PI name should be entered on the SF 424 R&R page before you attempt to edit this form.  The PI information will import from the SF 424 R&R page to the Senior/Key Person Profile. This form provides space for 8 Sr/Key Persons (PI + 7). 

Profile Information

For the PI, information will import from the SF424 R&R cover page, and cannot be edited from the Sr/Key Person page.  For all other Sr/Key Personnel, enter the name & profile information as indicated

Project Role

Select one from the Drop-Down menu for each Sr/Key person profile. 

Other Project Role Category

Fill in only if Project Role is “other”

Attach Biographical Sketch

Attach a file for each person, in their profile box.  You may use the NIH Bio Sketch format, just strip the file of headers/footers.  4-page limit.

Attach Current and Pending Support

Do not attach a file here, unless it is required by the program announcement.

Previous/Next Person

Use these buttons to navigate between previous and future entries. 

Select to attach additional Sr/Key Person forms

Becomes active once you’ve entered 8 (PI + 7) Sr/Key persons.  This allows you to extract the “Sr/Key Person” form and complete it (and attach it) for each additional person. Additional spaces for bio sketch attachments will be provided.

Research & Related Other Project Information


Human Subjects

Select Yes or No


If YES to Human Subjects

Enter the remaining information in 1a


Vertebrate Animals

Select Yes or No


If YES to Vertebrate Animals

Enter the remaining information in 2a


Proprietary/Privileged Information

Select Yes or No


Environmental Impact

Select Yes or No


If YES to 4a

Enter explanation



Select Yes or No if 4a is YES



If YES to 4c, enter explanation


Activities outside US or International Collaboration

Select Yes or No


If Yes, Identify Countries

Enter the names of the countries, if 5a is YES


Optional Explanation



Project Summary/Abstract

Attach a file of the project abstract. 


Project Narrative

Attach a file of the project narrative.


Bibliography & References Cited

Attach file of the Bibliography.


Facilities and Other Resources

Attach a file listing facilities/other resources, if any



Attach a file listing equipment resources, if any


Other Attachments

Attach files in accordance with the program announcement, if any.

Research and Related Project/Performance Site/Location(s)        

UA information imports from the SF424 R&R cover page.  Enter the required information (Yellow fields).  You can use the “Next Site” button to additional sites.  Add a PDF file for “Additional Locations” if you have more than 7 locations to add.

Research and Related (R&R) Budget

The Research and Related Budget has limited functionality for calculations.  We suggest you finalize your budget using a spreadsheet program, then enter the information into the R&R budget. 

Complete the following for each budget period:

Organizational DUNS

Imports from the SF 424 R&R Cover Page.

Budget Type

Select “Project” if UA is the lead institution.  If UA will be the subcontractor on another school’s proposal, use the Subaward Budget provided in the R&R Subaward Budget Attachment Form(s) – which you’ll also use for subcontractors on the UA’s proposal (when a detailed budget is required). 

Start / End Date

Enter the start & end dates for the budget period MM/DD/YYYY

Sections A, B, C, D, E, F

Enter budget items in the appropriate sections.  Salary entry for the PI is required.

Section G

Calculates from Sections A-F

Section H

Indirect Cost Type = MTDC.  Enter the Indirect Cost Rate for your project type and location (research/instruction/other; on or off campus).  Enter the Indirect Cost Base (the amount to which IDC is applied).  Enter the Indirect Cost Total. 

Cognizant Federal Agency

Not required

Section I

Calculates automatically

Section J


Section K

This field is required before you can move on to the next budget period.  You may need to attach a file as a placeholder so you can advance to the next budget period, but don’t forget to update the file prior to submission. 

In Budget period 1, attach a PDF file that includes justification text for ALL budget periods.  Only 1 budget justification attachment is allowed on the R&R detailed budget.

Cumulative budgets are generated for each budget period, and for the total budget. 

R&R Subaward Budget Attachment(s) Form

A complete subaward/consortium budget component (including the budget justification section) should be completed by each consortium grantee organization. Separate budgets are required only for subawardee/consortium organizations that perform a substantive portion of the project.

Note, a complete subaward/consortium budget component is only required when the prime grantee is submitting a detailed budget using the R&R Budget Component.

This component currently accommodates up to 10 separate subaward budgets. If you are submitting an application with >10 subaward budgets, budgets 11 and above should be converted to PDF and included as part of Section K. Budget Justification of the parent budget (R&R Budget Component). Reminder, the sum of all subaward budgets; e.g., those attached separately and those provided as part of the budget justification, must be included in Line F.5 Subawards/Consortium/Contractual Costs of the parent budget.

To start the process, the applicant organization should:

  1. Select the Subaward Budget Attachment Form from the Optional Documents in the Grant Application Package.
  2. Open the form, and click the “Click here to extract the R&R Subaward Budget Attachment” button in the middle of the form.
  3. Save the file using the first 10 letters of the consortium organization’s name as the file name and leave “.xfd” as the file extension. (The extracted file is a PureEdge document.)
  4. Email the form to the consortium grantee. Note: consortium grantees must have installed the PureEdge Viewer before they can complete the form.
  5. The consortium grantee must complete the budget component and email it back to the applicant organization.
  6. Return to the Subaward Budget Attachment Form and attach the consortium grantee’s budget to one of the blocks provided on the form. Do not convert this attachment to PDF.

Only text attachments must be converted to PDFs. Attachments generated from PureEdge forms, such as the R&R SubAward Budget Attachment Form, should not be converted to PDFs.